Feb 15, 2018

Dear recruiter,

Thanks for your interest in my work! I get a lot of inquiries for my services that are often not appropriate and so I hope this 1-minute letter helps you match me with good opportunities.

I am a Product Designer, also known as a UI, UX, Usability, Visual, or Interaction Designer. I like to tackle meaty, principal-level software design projects suitable for a designer with 22 years of experience. In addition to providing design services, I can also serve as a UX researcher, design director, project manager/lead, product manager, design evangelist, and design team builder.

Regarding web development: I do write code, but generally only in the context of an engagement where I'm primarily acting as a designer. I enjoy hybrid design/dev roles.

Timewise, I am not available for long-term 40-hr/week contracts, permanent job offers, or engagements requiring significant travel or relocation. However, on occasion, I can take on a short-term 40-hr/week engagement. I welcome telecommuting projects and have built and managed products with distributed teams.

I apologize for this generic reply letter, but I hope it saves you and me a little time. If you have something that seems like a good fit, please send me an email (no cold calls please) with the title, complete job description, project information, rate, and name of the client if you are a recruiter. If it seems like a good fit, we can schedule a call. Good luck with your search!


Brian (@rhythmspice)