Brian O'Neill:
Product Designer & User Experience Consultant

I am a seasoned, freelance, independent product designer and user experience consultant with 19 years of experience based in Boston, MA. I design useful, usable, and beautiful user experiences for mobile and desktop applications and specialize in simplifying consumer and enterprise software.

Recent Highlights

  • 2015: Designed and launched the Future of Music Coalition's Artist Revenue Streams Survey Data Portal. I oversaw the entire design process from persona development through UI/UX design, and also did the HTML/SASS/JS development (mobile+desktop). The service exposes real, quantitative data about the salaries and income streams of working musicians (the first large-scale study of its kind).
  • 2015: Redesigned and launched Apptopia in June!
  • 2014: Gave my "Many-Hat Product Designer" talk at the Dec. UX Boston Meetup
  • 2014: Launched the first home-service technician mobile app for This platform provides software for on-demand businesses. The MVP app was a whopper, requiring over 120 screens. My hats included UX architect/designer, creative director, and product manager.

My Design Methodology

As a "generalist" designer, my approach is holistic and includes problem definition and discovery, customer research, design strategy, interaction design, fast sketching, visual design and data visualization, prototyping, and front-end code. I also believe great design only exists when user and business problems are defined and solved in tandem. As such, part of my service to my clients (who are often entrepreneurs, engineers, and product managers) is teaching them how to empathize with their users so that human needs are always placed alongside business objectives.

Recruiters: please read this before contacting me.